Ever have an Ick moment? I did on Monday. But it was a moment that I didn’t know was going to end up being Ick. If that makes sense.

I think I drank too much wine on Sunday night so I was a little hungover when I got up Monday. And it was VERY difficult to drag my ass out of bed on Monday. So my stomach wasn’t too up to par after the entire weekend of eating and then a half a bottle of wine.

I had a crunchy granola bar with my coffee for breakfast. It was good – it stuck to my ribs and made me feel full. But about 11:15 I was suddenly starving. One of the girls at work wanted Vietnamese food for lunch. I’ve never tried it and even though I’m not big into trying new things, I figured what the hell.

So we went and had … oh I can’t remember what it was called. Pho Nu or something like that. Basically a soup with noodles with green onions and then you add cilantro, bean sprouts, and fresh jalapenos. I got the chicken. Oh and we had the spring rolls which weren’t fried. They were in those rice paper wraps and they felt really weird. And of course I made the comment that I didn’t think I could put it in my mouth. Which of course made them laugh out loud at me.

Anyway. The spring roll things had shrimp and some veggies in them. They were pretty good and so was the soup. However, my stomach decided to reject the entire meal at about 3 pm. I never got sick, I just FELT sick. Kind of queasy actually. And I had a headache. And I could still taste the soup in the back of my throat.

It was definitely an Ick moment. It will probably be the last (and only) time I have that kind of food.

By the time I got home from work, I was STARVING. I ate left over chicken and rice. Now that’s comfort food to me. hehe

And then I ended up going shopping at the mall with my friend. And NO, I didn’t buy anything at Coach, even though I stopped in and coveted the new Bleeker line of bags. (The new leather patchwork is TO DIE FOR.)

I did, however, get a really cute pair of black patent leather Mary Jane’s. Hey – they were on sale! And every girl needs new stuff for Fall. Right?

Anyway, by the time I hit the door again, I was exhausted.

I’m off to a seminar all day. I’m riding the train in so I don’t have to pay $20 to park (it’s only $4.50 roundtrip). I’ve never riden the train so this should definitely be an experience…

By Michelle

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