Song of the Day: Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day

It’s brutally cold. And keep in mind, we are thin-skinned Texans. When it drops below 40, we’re freezing. So when the low last night was 19… OH MY. I put the flannel sheets on the bed and the electric blanket. I pre-heated the bed (yes, folks, I said pre-heated) and when it was time to climb in, it was all nice and toasty warm. WOO!

We all made it home safe and sound in the sleet and the rain and the bitter cold. Rufe Snow (ARGH) was shut down and I got diverted through a neighborhood. It took me longer to get through there than my entire drive. Sheesh. When I got home, Husband had a fire in the fireplace, a pot of coffee, and was just starting to make chili. So a nice cozy warm evening at home with the Stars game (they won!). :dallasstars:

And, uh, just why the bloody hell was LOST a repeat last night? What is UP with that? I was highly annoyed. But the hour gave me time to update my website which was sorely needed. There are several announcements on there, especially ones referring to KeepItComing.

Sadly, the site (KeepItComing) is no more. It’s completely gone now. If there are ANY subscribers to either of my serials (Scars of Yesterday or The Adventures of Ransom & Fortune), please email me so I can get you the issues you paid for and did not receive.

Anyway, woke up to icy roads. All the school districts are closed, which means Sweetie Boy did not have school today and his holiday program has been moved to Tuesday. I’m going to try to take off from work and go so I can see him sing. I bet it’s going to be adorable.

I made it into work just fine. There were a few scary roads. One was completely iced over and I held my breath and hoped for the best. The freeway was fine but once I got downtown, the roads were quite slick. I was so relieved to make it to the parking garage but disgruntled to find the stupid gate wouldn’t open. Even when the card beeped. It was like it was frozen or something. I drove around it (Shh! Don’t tell!).

One deadline today, but it should be no sweat.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.