Idol and Other Stuff

Well I’m sorry to see Jason Castro go on Idol, but I think it was probably due. He really didn’t do well Tuesday night. Frankly, I’m surprised Syesha is still there. My top think pick was David A., David C. and Carly. Now it’s down to the final three and I still think David Cook is going to come out on top as the winner.

Low key evening last night. I love those.

I’m having some focus issues lately with the writing. I think because my weeks are so… busy and hectic I just haven’t found the rhythm again. I miss it. I want it back. I was thinking about it last night and I’ve decided now that it’s about to summer, I’m going to allow one full evening of writing. Which means I’m going to be a bad mom and park the kid in front of the Wii for three hours. But it will allow me to have an evening back. I’m just so tired after he goes to bed, I have a hard time staying awake. I need my writing time back, dammit! I miss it. I also miss getting to work early before the crowd but that’s something that can’t be helped either. I’d much rather have time with the kiddo instead of time at the office.

I have GOT to get to the bank today at lunch. It’s been rainy and gross the last two days so I haven’t wanted to get out at lunchtime. Today, I must go.

Gotta get the the kiddo ready for school and then we’re off. Thank goodness it’s nearly Friday.

By Michelle

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