Ike Is Here

Ike made landfall last night at about 2:15 am in Galveston. There’s lots of flooding and 3 million people are without power right now. The water is over the seawall, flooding into the streets. Approximately 140,000 folks stayed behind in Galveston Bay area; looks like they’ll need to be rescued.

Ike is now traveling northward and they expect him to take a turn toward the east and then go northeast through East Texas.

In downtown Houston, high rises have been hit with the high winds (50 mph gusts). There are broken windows and metal has been sheared off the buildings. Wind gusts are 55 mph in Henderson County, which is just north/northwest of Houston.

Most of the really bad rain and wind is on the east side of Ike. They expect it to hit here in a few hours.

Right now – cloudy and windy. They thing we’ll have wind gusts of up to 25 mph. Looks like our part of the state dodged a bullet, but I’m worried about my family scattered along the eastern side of the state. Hopefully, all will be well with them.

Will post more later as the day wears on.

By Michelle

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