I’m A Nerd

It’s supposed to be 103 today with a heat index of 105. KILL.ME.

Yesterday, it was 105 by 3 pm. UGH. We are DYING down here. And there’s no end (or rain) in sight. It’s supposed to be 101-103 all week long too. You feel like you’re going to burst into flame just walking to and from the car. It seriously makes me want to hibernate. And it zaps all energy. My AC runs from the time I walk in the door at home until about 9 pm. Sad. I hope my average billing doesn’t go up, although I shouldn’t be surprised since EVERYTHING is going up. BUT – gas is down to 3.75 a gallon. WOO!

I guess I should water my lawn – or at least the foundation of the house.

Now on to the title of the blog…

SO. Last week, Columbia House (of which I’m a member) had their box sets on sale for 50% off. So I perused them… and found the entire original cast Star Trek box set on sale for $40! How could I resist that? I gleefully clicked BUY NOW and they were finally on their way Friday. They arrived on my doorstep yesterday. WOOHOO!

I’m so totally excited about the movies! I couldn’t wait to sit down and watch STII: The Wrath of Kahn (my personal favorite) and STIV: Voyage Home (my second favorite). Yes, I am a total nerd. Next on my hit list is the entire box set of the original series (all three seasons of it). I remember the days when I went to all the conventions and collected autographs from the original crew and the Next Generation. See? I told you I was a nerd. No, I never dressed up. I never took it quite that far. And the proper word is TREKKIE not TREKKER. 😉

My friends and I use to play Star Trek role-playing games. This was sort of the same as D&D except the ST version. Nerds. Then we’d hit the conventions. I actually found my orignal cast Star Trek Compendium and Mr. Spock’s Guide to the Enterprise. Autographed by most of the original crew! It’s in mint condition, too. Should be worth a pretty penny, should I ever decide to sell (never).

I was so excited about the box set, I couldn’t wait to tell my brother… also a Trek Fan. Yes, I suppose nerd-dom runs in the family, eh?

Live long and prosper!

By Michelle

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