I’m a nerd

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I have officially crossed the line into nerdom. Not that I wasn’t one already. I mean, I was in band after all and I did play MajorMUD online for years before BBSes went by the wayside (in case you’re wondering BBSes were around LONG before there was an Internet… I thought I was so cool when I got my 2400 baud modem haha).

Gabriella Rocha DalilaAnyhoo… I recently purchased the lovely pair you see here (another Zappos special). I bought my size, but they were a 1/2 size too big. Zappos is so wonderful, I could exchange them. Free shipping both ways. So naturally I did.

I was so happy to have them, that after I tried them on and saw how delightful they were, I felt compelled to write an online review of them at Zappos. Hence the reason I’ve crossed over into nerdom. When I told Best Good Friend about this, the email response I got back was: “Geek”. And I totally am.

Ah well. I have a thing for shoes; what can I say?

These Gabriella Rocha shoes are wickedly sexy. And they should be with a 4 1/2 inch heel, right? My friend at work asked me how I could possibly walk in them and not fall and break my neck. They have the very thin stiletto heel too. I’ll admit, it was a challenge. But I was willing to take it on and go for it. And really, they were comfortable. As far as ankle-strap shoes go, that is.

Anyway – enough of my shoe-obsessiveness.

I’ve been having the itch to work on my fantasy series lately. Probably because I’ve been revisiting the first story that is still on submission. I skimmed it and found a few little places to change here and there, even after the rigorous editing I put it through some months ago. I sent it off to my reader to get her opinion on it.

There’s something about this story that keeps pulling me toward it. I just haven’t figured out where I’m going with it yet. And I just haven’t figured out what it is I need to write for it. I have about a 1000 ideas in my head and some of them are written down. Others are still floating around there. For whatever reason, there is something holding me back from sitting down and pounding the keyboard. And that I haven’t figured out either. I should be like a writing machine. Instead, I sit around and goof around. Browse Zappos for more shoes I don’t need. Or Christmas on eBay. Yeah, these are all things that have to get done (well, okay, not the browsing for shoes…) yet I still haven’t found the Happy Writing Place.

I have the office I desperately wanted and needed. I have the space decorated with inspirational items. I have my book covers up where I can see them all. Maybe because my life has settled down and I’m starting to get into a normal daily routine have I discovered that I don’t quite know what to do with myself. I haven’t had to focus on anything in the last few months except the house – buying it, moving into it, getting it unpacked and decorated, buying furniture, infinity – and now that I’m down to just every day normal stuff, I feel sort of … lost.

Perhaps I should be participating in NaNo. Maybe that would help to get the word down. Of course, I’m several days into the month and I would have to do some serious writing to catch up. Plus I have a housewarming party to plan for Saturday.

There’s always something isn’t there? And it’s time for me to buckle down, roll up my sleeves, and get to work. And I don’t mean work as in the day job work. I mean work as in writing work. It’s time for me to tell myself to stop goofing around and frittering away time and just write.

Sounds easy enough, eh? Just write. That’s all I need to do.

Wish me luck.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.