I’m a tired person

The last few days have been… HECTIC. To be sure. I worked late yesterday and then came home and found my husband cooking dinner. That was lovely! He even did the dishes. Even lovlier! I had ice cream for dessert. Then I sat down and caught up on all the emails I missed througout the day. There was, um, a lot. I did manage to get some answered during the day but I just didn’t have much time to do anything but run my legs off.

After dinner and emails, I edited 59 pages of the one due in a couple of weeks. (The last thing I wanted to do but I made myself.) It’s going well though I have some big chunks to revise. Most of it is on the subplot, though, and I have it worked out. I think. I also managed to read about 20 pages of the WIP I just finished. I’m trying to get it polished and sent out to CPs in the next week or two.

See why I’m a tired person?

Today is another run my legs off day. Lots to do!

Happy Wednesday 🙂

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.