I’m clear

This may come as a shock, but… I’m completely unpacked as of this very moment. I got the computer moved to its new home on the new desk and unpacked the rest of the office. I’m totally done. There are no more boxes to clutter up the house. Now I get to do the really fun stuff like paint. Whee!

I was going to take pictures last night, but all the batteries were dead for the camera. Go figure. I will get them taken tonight. Promise.

I’ve gotten a preliminary cover for the new book! Ransom & Fortune will be released November 28 in ebook form and then in February in print form. As soon as I have the all clear on the cover, I’ll post it for all to see. It’s great. Essentially the same but with the actual book title on the cover – A Bend In Time. I’m so thrilled they decided to use the original artwork for the serial. Especially since I have the website tie in.

I’m glad the moving and the unpacking is completely done. Now I can get back to real life and writing once again. Still can’t believe this house is all mine. It’s so weird and so surreal. I know I know – I keep saying that but I still can’t believe it! It’s truly wonderful. Oh and I discovered I actually enjoy cooking again now that I have a real kitchen in a real house. Of course, the oven is filthy, the stove needs new drip pans, and the oven temp dial is busted so I have no way of knowing the temp of the oven – but hey, I enjoy it still (gonna have to put oven thermometer on my list…).

Since I have somewhat of a back ache, I think it’s time I shut ‘er down and head to bed. I’m tired – yet I’ve been totally productive.

Oh and I taped Dancing With The Stars tonight on my very cool new DVR. Now I can watch it whenever. I’ve also set it to record Lost and Grey’s Anatomy. How in the world did I live without this time? I have no idea.

Before I close, don’t forget to check out Southern Fried Chicas! I’ll be blogging over there on Thrusday. 🙂

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.