I’m Here

I’m exhausted.

Got nothing done last night which I hate because I so wanted to work on the WIP. But I didn’t get home until late and had no dinner and was completely spent by the time 9 pm rolled around. I feel old.

I had to take junior to basketball practice last night, which was interesting. He had a good time, I think, but we had some issues. We got there way 30 minutes before practice started which was WAY too early. In the course of that 30 minutes, the kid managed to twist his ankle, scratch his leg, and smack himself in the face with the ball.

Then they have three teams that practice all at once and of course he was on the wrong team. I realized this about 10 minutes into practice when something from the coach’s email trigged me (he said he’d have his teenage son helping him). So I wave my kid over and tell he’s on the wrong team and to go ask the other guy if that’s his coach and OF COURSE he shakes his head no and runs back. So I’m watching him and they’re taking a minute to sit down and talk about whatever they talk about. And my kid looks at me with a deer in headlights look and mouths, “MOM! WRONG TEAM.”


I knew this. I wave him back over, graby his hand and march over to the other coach. I tell him I think my son is on his team and we confirm that yes, indeed, he is. After he got with the right team, he had a blast. I could tella difference with him. He was having more fun with them than the others. Who knows why.

And, I have to admit, during those 30 minutes before practice, I watched him shoot hoops and he made a lot of them. I was impressed. Because I certainly can’t get a basketball in a hoop, even if it is lowered to the 3rd grade level. 🙂

So, at any rate, I didn’t get any writing done. I absolutely detest getting home late. But what are you gonna do? That’s life.

Today I’m off to the dentist for a cleaning. And then tomorrow should be a somewhat normal day. Friday I’m in a meeeting all day.

And Saturday we have a basketball game at 12:15. So it begins.

That’s it for me! Happy Hump Day.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.