I’m on vacation

Happy Spring!

Since the kiddo is out for Spring Break, I took Wednesdsay through Friday off from work. It’s been nice getting up a little later and hanging out with the kiddo.

We went to see Horton Hears A Who! yesterday. And Oh My Gosh. It was CUUUUTE. Very good movie. The animation is superb and the voices of Jim Carey and Steve Carrell make the movie fun. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and laughed in several places. And what was really cute, was at the end, all the kids in the theater clapped. hehehe It wasn’t overly crowded but still rather busy for a middle of the week early show. I was surprised.

Then we went to the mall and to Wal Mart and got him a new light saber (like he needs another one – and he announcd that only two more and he’ll have the entire collection) and I also got Enchanted. That’s another cute movie. Amy Adams is delightful. Even now I find myself humming the tune in my head. It’s very catchy.

Hm. Not much else going on other than that. I think we’re headed to the Modern today.

And I have another day off after this one. YAY!

By Michelle

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