I’m Writing

Hey I’m blogging over at ShoeIQ so please check it out if you have a chance. 🙂

I’m still plugging away on the new Magic book. Late last night I managed to finish the draft of chapter two and start on three. I’m not entirely sure where this story is going other than the big picture, but I’m just pantsing it right now. Which seems to work for me.

I was talking to a writing friend last night and told her I really do need to learn to plot. The thing is – it just doesn’t work for me. I’ve tried and tired and every time I plot I end up getting stuck. And I don’t exactly know why that is. I suppose because I tend to box myself in and then I can’t go any further. It’s a mind thing. But when I just write “by the seat of my pants” – I tend to do much better. When I lamented to my friend I didn’t know where the story was, she simply said, “You’ll figure it out. You always do.”

So I’ll just keep writing. And I think I’ll set a word count goal. That will give me something to shoot for.

I still can’t believe it’s two days until Thanksgiving. The holidays are upon us!

Tonight I have to get to Office Depot and get ink for my color printer. I’m in dire need. I’ll have the Sweetie Boy with me tonight so I guess we’ll run that errand and I’ll get my free paper by turning in my ink cartridges.

Not much else to blog about other than I stayed up too late writing and then talking to the boyfriend. He closed last night so it was super late by the time he was on his way home. I seriously did not want to climb out of my nice warm bed this morning.

I need :coffee:

By Michelle

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