Impeccable Timing

Just when you think all is right with the world… WRONG. I came home yesterday to a puddle of water in the middle of the kitchen floor. Coming from the refrigerator. Instead of kicking off my shoes and figure out dinner, I had a mess to clean up. Of which I was not happy about.

I should note here Man had to work late and wasn’t expected home until…LATE.

I managed to get the fridge moved so I could see behind it. Yep, there was a puddle all right and the floor was gross. I mean, who really cleans behind their refrigerator? I had to mop and then I had the cleanest floor in all the land. The puddle was gone. I checked the ice maker line and there was nary a drip. I couldn’t figure it out. I got the fridge back in place and cooked dinner. Kiddo and I watched Clone Wars on DVD and played a rousing game of Lego Minotauris. Then I cleaned up the kitchen…and slipped in another puddle of water!


I called Man. He and I both wondered why this stuff happens when he can’t be there to fix it. He walked me through things to figure out what was leaking. I couldn’t find the damn drip tray. I couldn’t figure out how to turn the water off to the ice maker line. So I moved the fridge AGAIN (it’s not like it’s lightweight either!) and found the puddle directly under it. No dripping on the line either. Anyway.

Man thinks the compressor is going out. It’s currently still working (I hope) but it looks like this weekend we’ll be shopping for a new refrigerator. Joy of joys. The only consolation in that is: I hate this fridge anything; I can get one with a bottom drawer freezer! YAY! Hopefully there will be good sales with no interest for a certain period of time. Two years would be good. Ya hear that Finance Gods?

Anyway, that was my entire evening down the tubes. Tonight I have a thing at the school. Tomorrow is the kid’s birthday party. I’m so glad this is going to be a long weekend… I’ll need the rest.

By Michelle

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