In the Tower of the Wizard King #TuesdayTeaser 5

IntheToweroftheWizardKingIt’s release week! Can’t believe it’s here already and I’m super excited to have the book finally out. Here is today’s final teaser to whet your appetite!

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His pupils expanded and his eyes turned black, a shadow of rage creasing his features and changing him from handsome to frightening. Her hand landed on her dagger as she whipped it out as quickly as he gave the signal to his men to charge her. She flung the dagger at the first one on her left. It hit him square in the chest. He staggered backward, his hand clasping around the hilt.

The other three had drawn their swords but she was much faster than they could even hope to be. It was something she had taught herself over the years—a way to control her magic and fuel her body with it. She had discovered, quite by accident, she could speed up her movements which certainly came in handy when faced by three royal guards who meant business.

In a second, she had the bow in her hand and an arrow nocked against it. She fired the first round then reloaded. She killed the third guard. One more and the fourth one was dead at her feet. She nocked another arrow and this time pointed it at Niall, holding the string taut.

Niall hadn’t even moved from his position.

He stood ten feet from her, rigid and at attention and a gamine grin on his face. He applauded slowly, clapping his hands together in mock appreciation. Yet she could see a hint of alarm flicker across his features.

“Impressive, my dear. Wherever did you learn that?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” She couldn’t keep the snappish tone out of her voice.

She had learned much in the years since leaving Faery. She had taught herself the ways of magic, the magic Deaglan, may he rest in peace, had begun to teach her. She wondered how powerful she would be had he continued to teach her.

“I would, actually.” He held up his hands in surrender. “Put down the bow and arrow, dearie, will you?”

The rage storming through her caught her by surprise.

“Don’t ever call me that again.” Deaglan had called her that. Niall wasn’t fit to use the same term of endearment. “You will return to your tower and leave me be.”

“Will I?” A pale brow quirked upward toward his hairline.

“Aye, you will.” She’d yet to lower the bow.

“Wherever you’re headed, I will find you. We have unfinished business, you and I,” he said.

“I agree we have unfinished business. But not here.” Not in this time anyway. She didn’t want to give away where she intended to go.

“Then where?”

She didn’t have an answer. She didn’t want to answer. She remained where she was, weapon at the ready and pointing at his heart. Her muscles started to quake and she knew she couldn’t keep up the façade much longer. One of them had to relent. But, by the gods, it would not be her first.

Niall dropped his hands and walked toward her. She couldn’t help but notice he still walked with that catlike grace.

“Stop,” she growled and pulled the arrow tighter.

“You won’t hurt me, Fiona. You can’t hurt me.”

“I mean it. Stop.”

He was in front of her now, at the end of her arrow. Daring her. “Go ahead. Shoot me. Put me out of my misery because I am tired of feeling as though my heart is missing.”

Ouch. She hadn’t expected that at all. What was he saying? That he missed her? That he truly loved her? She didn’t believe him. She couldn’t believe him. He was nothing to her. He was her enemy and he had to be destroyed.

She hadn’t even realized she had tears in her eyes when she lowered the weapon, releasing the arrow and holding it at her side. Niall moved closer, standing only a breath away from her. His eyes lowered, his lips parted, his breathing was irregular. For a wild moment she was certain he intended to kiss her.

He could kill her as easily. He could grab her, throw her to the ground and do to her what Cian did. When his hand came up toward her face, she flinched, jerked back. Confusion creased his brow as she quickly stepped away.

“Don’t touch me.” Her words were an icy whisper.

His eyes blazed with fire, regret, anger. “I didn’t know how I would feel when I saw you again, Fiona. I didn’t expect to want you again. I wanted you to suffer for leaving me. For making me search for you all these long years.”

Her heart rammed against her breastbone, a sudden burn of more tears in the backs of her eyes. By the gods, Deaglan had been right. Niall was in love with her yet he was still unable to say the words, for whatever reason. He turned and walked away, still with that fluid elegance. Anxiety spurted through her as she watched him walking away from her in defeat.

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