In which I still love my Rangers

The Rangers fell to the Giants last night in the World Series.

But you know what? It’s okay. I still love them. I still think they’re an awesome team. And I’ll still watch them again next year. They really did have a dream season. Maybe it’s hard for people who aren’t Rangers fans to understand WHY this year is so significant to us who are Rangers fans. Let me try to explain.

Most of us have watched the Rangers for thirty-something years. They’re historically a losing team. They historically lose to the Yankees. This year, the Rangers went bankrupt and into auction. There was a bidding war between the great Nolan Ryan and Mark Cuban. It seemed only fitting Nolan Ryan would come out on top and end up as the President of the Rangers. A man who loves this team as much as the fans do.

They had 90-plus wins this season. They made it through the playoffs to the Yankees, the team that stole several of our biggest players (A-Rod, Texeria). And when A-Rod struck out in that last game to hand the Rangers their first pennant…well, it was a dream. The Baseball Gods smiled upon them. 🙂

We have a great team who played with heart and soul. Who genuinely like each other and play AS a team (unlike the Dallas Cowboys this year who are a disgrace). A young team who WILL be back in the hunt next year.

And, oh yeah, Josh Hamilton is hot. 😉

By Michelle

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