In Which I Talk About My Weekend

Why is it the weekends seem to fly by but the weeks drag on forever? I guess because we are looking forward to the weekends, huh?

Had a good one. Went to my writers’ retreat and had some great quality time with the Princesses. Lots of plotting and brainstorming and fun stuff going on there. That was pretty much my Saturday. Got home and had wings for dinner with the husband and the kid. We had a rather laid back Sunday, though. I think the most strenuous thing I did was vacuum. Oh, and maybe laundry. I also roasted a chicken for dinner and it was really good. Made the house smell good, too.

We’re gearing up for Halloween in our household. I’ve been buying decorations here and there. Got an animated black cat for the front yard and some lights. Husband is going to start putting out the decorations this coming weekend. We’ve already planted our fall mums. Hopefully, they won’t die like the last few years. We got buds, though, and Husband planted them in the ground. Now I just have to remember to water them. I’ve already got my fall stuff out – I put it up close to the beginning of September. I thought it might usher in the cooler temps. Alas, no such luck. It’s still hot here. In fact, the high was 94 Sunday.

We watched a bit of the Emmy’s but lost interest about an hour in or so. They kept complaining how it was in LA. I looked up their temp. Hello, 86 degrees. WHAT.EVER! That isn’t hot. In fact, that’s really nice and cool.

Hard to believe this is the final week of September. I’m glad the fall season of TV is finally starting. I was sick of re-runs and I’m really looking forward to seeing new episodes of my favorite shows.

Tonight I’m throwing a pork shoulder in the crock pot for pulled pork. New recipe. Hopefully it will turn out good!

Time for work/school. Happy Monday!

By Michelle

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