In with the Shiny New!

I have a feeling this is going to be a good year. A busy one – but a GOOD one.

On Wednesday, I took myself down to Macy’s and I did the unthinkable. I bought a new mattress and box springs set. Now, granted the one I have is only about years old – it’s also HARD as a FREAKING ROCK. Literally. I trick myself by thinking it’s not so hard by putting a featherbed on top of it. But the back knows all too well it’s like sleeping on a slab of concrete.

So. Macy’s is having their Mattress Event and I figured what the hey. Man and I had considered buying a new couch at the beginning of the year, but we decided to invest our money into a new bed instead. Gotta get that beauty sleep, don’t you know. And since there are typically more hours spent sleeping than sitting on the couch, it just made sense (and cents).

Anyway. I got a good deal! And they are going to deliver for free. AND I got the 10 year warranty for an extra $100. I stayed under budget. It was greatness. The new bed will be here on the 14th. And even better, Sis-in-law is coming to pick up the old one for my niece who is in need of a new bed. So everyone wins. 🙂

Along those same lines, Penney’s was having their clearance sale on their bedding. I had been eyeing a certain comfortor set for months to go with my newly painted room. It was regularly $225 and I got it for… *drum roll please* $60! I even got free shipping. YAHOO! It will be here on Saturday. Mostly likely, I’ll wait to put the new stuff on until I get the new bed. New, new, new. I LOVE IT.

After I shopped at Macy’s on Wednesday, I headed to Best Buy and purchased a brand hew 8 GIG thumb drive for $19.99. I’m salivating thinking what I can put on that. It’s awesome. Plus it has the security thing so I can password protect it. That rocks!

And speaking of Best Buy… Man bought me an HD Ready/MP3 Player car stereo for Christmas. I’m getting it installed on the 12th at Best Buy. I’m so so so so so excited about that I can’t stand it. Oh, and did I mention the new HD Ready car stereo has a USB port AND a port for an iPod right in front? Hence the need for a new USB thumb drive… heh heh heh I’m going to be rocking out with my new stereo and 8 gig of music.

And speaking of the car… got the brakes fixed and the oil changed to the tune of $200 instead of the $325 those robbers wanted to charge me. AND the calipers WERE NOT bad. It was merely a brake job. I have half a mind to file a complaint with the BBB and then call those losers and tell them I did so because they are ripping off customers with their fraudulent lies. I detest people like that.

As for New Years… Man came over to hang out. I cooked a lasagna and some garlic bread…and then was out by 11:15. I suck. I woke up in time to see the fireworks in downtown Dallas go off, kiss the Man, and then head to bed.

We slept in yesterday, finally dragged ourselves up and made coffee in my new Super Fine Coffee Pot while watching the Rose Bowl Parade. It’s one of my favorite things to do on New Years Day. Then he left, picked up his daughter and they came back and we cooked hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill. I also made black eyed pea dip because we gotta get those black eyed peas in for the new year. It was tasty. I made a peach cobbler, too. We had enough food to feed about ten people and it was only the three of us. I don’t know what we were thinking. haha But it was yummy food.

And today.. I’m just chilling out at the house. Man is taking me and his daughter to dinner tonight. I gotta say, I’m really looking forward to it.

This year is starting off really well so far. I’m a super happy girl. 😀

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.