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Meant to post this yesterday but got distracted. Here’s the official press release regarding the grand opening of Inara Press! WOOHOO! (Click the more link below)

And don’t forget you can pre-order my serial now by clicking here.

I got some decent work on MAGIC done yesterday so I really feel like I’m making progress there. I’m up to chapter 12 or so. Got the chapter newsletter done and out! YAY! Only three days late. Boo.

And on Wednesday I will be seeing Phantom of the Opera! Okay, so it doesn’t have Gerard in it, but STILL. I can’t wait! I’m looking forward to it and my mommy is my date. 😉

That’s it for now. Read the press release!

The adventure begins April 3-9 with the official opening of Inara Press, an innovative new epublisher specializing in speculative and historical romance fiction. Offering dynamic single-title and serialized stories from extraordinary authors, and featuring fantastic covers that put the “art” back in “cover art,” Inara Press further distinguishes itself from the epublishing pack by catering to readers who like a little spice in their romance without stronger, erotic descriptions.

During its grand opening week, Inara Press invites readers to come and explore their catalog of new and upcoming releases, and to automatically register for daily prize drawings by signing up for their official newsletter. Prizes include Reader Reward points, which are redeemable toward the purchase of any Inara Press title from their online bookstore, and a free download of any Inara Press title released through December 31, 2006. (See below for details.)

Founded in 2005 by publisher, artist and author Dawn Seewer, Inara Press offers “romance beyond imagination,” in a wide range of today’s most popular speculative-fiction categories: fantasy, science fiction, horror, time-travel, vampires, shapeshifters, ghostly phenomena and more. “We publish books that blend elements of the paranormal, fantastic, and mysterious with sensual tales that stir the reader’s mind as well as their heart,” Seewer says.

While there are plenty of publishers that can make the same assertion, Inara Press offers readers romance and sensuality without crossing into erotica. Inara Press titles feature a variety of heat levels, ranging from the sweet to the sizzling, with all the heavy sexual tension and tasteful graphic detail in between that readers crave.

Inara Press will be introducing its single-title novels in electronic and paperback formats later this year, but opens its bookstore doors with its signature line of Seron Serials. These novella-length tales are told in 12 installments, delivered each week to subscribing readers.

In the introductory Seron Serials title, a science-fiction thriller, EMERALD TWILIGHT, by Robin Maderich, available April 3, Hallandra Irese, once-proud member of the Clan Ser Irese, finds herself incarcerated on the prison planet known as The Emerald. Twice betrayed and desperate to prove her innocence, she discovers an unlikely ally in the dark Drifter, Burke Conlan, a man who has never been innocent in his life and who harbors desperate secrets of his own.

Other upcoming titles through the Seron line include RESURRECTION, by Sara Reinke, available April 6, in which a young man has the ability to raise the dead. When his touch resurrects the woman of his dreams — and attracts the interest of a sadistic serial killer — all hell is about to be raised.

The historical romance, CELTIC HEART, by Jennifer D. Bokal, will be available April 11. The Celts have defeated the Roman invaders and captured their leader. The gods would be pleased. Maeve, daughter of the great Druid was given the task of healing the Roman. Would Maeve find the Roman to be a cruel tyrant driven only by conquering the world? Or would she find an honorable man who could heal old wounds and give her the comfort she desired?

In the time-traveling romp, THE ADVENTURES OF RANSOM AND FORTUNE, available April 12, author Michelle Miles introduces us to Skye Ransom, the determined daughter of a murdered time-machine inventor, and Dane Fortune, the hit man who loves her — and has been hired to kill her. It’s time to get your adventure on.

And in SWORD AND SHADOW, a paranormal fantasy by Saje Williams available April 14, a legendary vampire hero on a mission and Valerie Winn, his young ingenue partner, discover that sometimes the heart makes its own rules.

All Seron Serials are available for $5.50 per 12-week subscription, and like your favorite televisions series, will continue on with recurring character and settings for multiple seasons to come.

Readers will have the chance to win Inara Press Reader Reward points, a full 12-week subscription to the Seron Serials title of their choice, or one of Inara Press’ upcoming electronic single-title releases, by registering to receive the official newsletter, Inara Press News, during the Grand Opening Week Celebration. Signing up is easy. Just visit and complete the newsletter subscription form on the home page.

Our Reader Reward system is an exciting way for readers to save — with each purchase of an Inara Press title, you earn Reader Reward points. Earn 100 Reader Reward points, and cash them in for a free single-title or Seron Serial release! During our Grand Opening Week celebration, you can win automatic Reader Reward points daily — no purchase required!

On Monday, April 3, you’ll be eligible to win 50 Reader Reward points. On Tuesday, April 4, you could win 40 Reader Reward points; on Wednesday, April 5, 30 points; Thursday, April 6, 20 points; on Friday, April 7, 10 points and on Saturday, April 8, 5 points. If you subscribe to our newsletter, you’re eligibile to win each and every day. You could win up to 155 Reader Reward points — that’s good for a free title, and more than 50% off a second one, too!

If you’re a reader eager for a new, romantic adventure, look no further than Inara Press — where adventure is just a click away and romance is always beyond imagination.

By Michelle

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