Inkwell Guest: Caroline Clemmons

Hi, everyone! Today is the last day for my guests. I hope you’ve enjoyed them taking over the blog! Man (now hubby!) and I fly home tomorrow after our vacay and I’ll be back on the blog on Monday! For now, here’s a fantastic writer who has a great story and a gorgeous book cover. Please welcome Caroline Clemmons!

Christmas with Santa
by Caroline Clemmons

Christmas is my favorite time of year. I love the anticipation, the cool weather, shopping (yay for online!), treats, decorations, the tree—I love it all. My husband lugs bin after bin of decorations into the living room so I can cover our tree, hang wreaths, set out nativity sets, and swath doorways. Naturally, when it’s time to put all this stuff away, I’m less enthusiastic. I won’t worry about that now, though.

What’s more fun than watching a child receive a gift? Let me tell you about a fun Christmas from years ago. We were gathered at the home of my eldest half-sister in California. The fireplace was a large one that opened into the living room and the family room. My brother-in-law had cleaned the fireplace and lined the bottom and hearth with while butcher paper. We were all gathered in the living room with people seated everywhere, including on the raised hearth. Suddenly we heard a hearty, “Ho ho ho.” Those on the hearth in front of the fireplace moved and Santa crawled through. In his bag were toys for all the children—labeled with their names. Yep, it looked like the real deal. My nephews had invited their girlfriends, and the girls wanted to know how Santa climbed down the chimney. I’m sure you guessed that he climbed through from the family room. The suit was one that had been used since I was a little girl, and it still looked terrific. My half-brother wore the suit after the death of the relative who had worn it when I was small. It convinced me when I was three years old and it looked just as good when I was twenty-seven. My daughter’s eyes were wide as she took her doll from Santa. She was too busy looking at him to focus on the present.

That’s a happy memory for my husband and me. What are some of your favorite Christmas memories?

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Merry Christmas!

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