Inkwell Guest: Cristal Ryder and PDE

Hi, gang! Today I’m pleased to have back fellow EC author, Cristal Ryder. She’s here to talk about a new anthology she’s in with two other authors. It’s all about the dog days of summer…and it’s sexy too. 😉

Welcome, Cristal!

The glorious days of summer are upon us. Over the years, I used to love all season, but over the years I’ve come to recognize my seasons of preference. Firstly, summer, equally followed by Spring and Fall, lastly is Winter. Summer brings all sorts of things to do out of doors, eating, drinking, playing, sleeping and like we celebrate in our new anthology – Public Displays of Eroticism – having sex.

Would you be surprised to know how many people actually have had sex out of doors? Are any of your brave enough to ask friends if they have? Are you brave enough to say you did or would like to? Just imagine being in the arms of your lover under the stars, letting passion take you.

Cassandra Carr, Jami Davenport and myself got together to switch up the meaning of public displays of affection, or the type of PDA we celebrate and termed PDE, public displays of eroticism. Yes, every story takes place out of doors but not under the cover and secret of night, but in the daylight for all the world to see.

Go ahead, take a chance on our PDE and see if it inspires you to take some of your loving out of doors.

Oh, and we’d love to hear if you’ve ever ventured outside. If you’re brave enough to leave a comment, go ahead and ask one if us if we have. We’ll be happy to let you know!

Excerpt from Taking It Outside

Val was captivated. She’d never watched people making out—never been a voyeur—and she couldn’t tear her eyes away. The woman rubbed her body against the man as if she were a…a burlesque dancer putting on a show.

The sensuality emanating from the couple prickled goose bumps along Val’s flesh. She sucked in a breath. The wet heat between her thighs dampened her panties. Her breasts ached as if she was the one being touched.

The man stuck like glue to the woman as he thrust his hips against her ass and continued to pluck and play with her nipples. A brief flash of guilt made Val glance away, but she was drawn back to watching them. Heat flamed low in her belly and her nipples tightened as she imagined Ty’s hands on her. Her physical reaction took her by surprise.

Who knew it would be this much of a turn-on to watch other people through the binoculars? She tightened her thighs, enjoying the increased pressure on her pussy, and moaned with her ripening arousal.

Where the hell was Tyler?

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