Inkwell Guest: Debut Author Sean Conrad

Hi, all. Please help me welcome Sean Conrad to the blog. He’s a debut author! Take it away, Sean.

Kickin' Out The Jams Book CoverWhen someone asks my wife and I where we live, we enthusiastically answer, “in our motor home.” Ninety percent of the time their reply is, “Oh, I’ve always wanted to do that,” or “You know, someday we’re going to do that,” or “That’s my life’s dream.” We just smile and think to ourselves, they have no idea just what it takes to make that happen. But we never rain on their parade with any discouraging comments.

Our dream began as far back as 1996 when we bought a used 20 year old Coleman tent camper. A year later, we sold it and bought a brand new tent camper and spent many a weekend roughing it in the wild. Within a few more years we graduated to a 26 foot travel trailer which towed nicely behind our Toyota Tundra pick up truck. Then in 2008, two years before we were ready to go full time, we made the commitment by purchasing a 40 foot 2005 Country Coach Inspire Class A 400 horsepower diesel pusher.

croppedmeWhen we look back to August 3rd, 2010, the day we went full time, we marvel at just what it did take to get to that point. Any of our fellow full-timers will tell you, it is not for sissies. Remembering all the garage sales, all the runs to the dump, the selling of the house and everything in it, renting a storage locker to put non-replaceable personal belongings, and the hundreds of other crucial details involved, we can confidently say, it was all worth it. We love it.

Since we’re not wealthy by any means, we knew we needed to keep our home-based business operating from the road. Let’s face it, diesel engines don’t run on air. Having spent over 30 years on the radio, I incorporated an audio and video production studio inside the motor home.  As we travel, we are able to produce radio and TV commercials, do voice-overs for many businesses across America, and operate a small advertising agency. Thanks to the internet and all the electronic gadgets we posses, challenges like getting a finished, 30 second TV commercial in to the hands of a TV station is as simple as clicking your mouse.

We also dabble in photography. This past summer as we visited Mt. Rushmore, Devils Tower, Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Tetons. We snapped hundreds of incredible photos like the one we’ve included in this article. This one along with several others in a series are now available for purchase on the Dreamstime web site that sell photographs to magazines and ad agencies all over the planet.

One of the greatest advantages we’ve experienced in our travels is having the ability to not only visit kids, grandkids and friends in their scattered locations across the country, but being able to stay in their towns for weeks at a time, and in the comfort of our own home. There’s nothing like it.

We no doubt keep busy, but not too busy to write a book as we’ve traveled. If someone told me 10 years ago that I would become a published author, I would have encouraged them to seek professional help. But, I did.  On April 6th, my memoir, Kickin’ Out The Jams was released on Black Opal Books. It’s my story of survival from my wild and crazy days in radio as a disc jockey and program director in cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, Fresno, Waikiki and Tucson. There were good times; there were bad times and it’s all in the book (visit

Hey, you do what you got to do to keep on trucking down the highways and bi-ways of this great country, know what I mean?

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