Inkwell Guest: Jennifer August and APP-solute Fun

Today, I’m welcoming my good friend, Ms. Jennifer August. She’s here to talk about her latest release, Keys to Submission from Red Sage, which has just the most beautiful cover, like, ever. I believe there’s even a giveaway, so be sure to leave a comment. Take it away, Jen!

I have a confession – I’m a horrible procrastinator. Why do it today when I can put it off until tomorrow? I always work better under a deadline and rarely miss them, but, yeah, it’s close.

It used to be reading and television were my favorite go-to time wasters. Then the internet came a calling.

And then…holy smokes, apps.

When I bought my iPhone 3, I swore I would only use it for good. It would be a productive, important part of my work not a handheld toy.

Yeah, that lasted all of 12 seconds. I soon discovered apps like Words with Friends, Mahjong, Cheap Gas Buddy and Awesome Notes. Hey, look, a productive app! One I actually use, too.

I went through a huge phase where I tried out many (always free) apps and deleted them before settling on a comfortable pool of them.

My favorite gaming apps are Words with Friends, Family Feud with Friends (with the sound turned down, though) and Azkend. I usually will play these every single day. Many times a day. Words is funny because my gaming tag (WarKitten) is also some VERY popular guy’s tag and I get game requests from girls for him all the time. The disappointment in their texts when they find out I’m not him cracks me up.

However, lest you worry I am not living up to my vow, I do have some recommendations for good writing-related apps.

Dropbox – this is a fantastic app. It stores all of your documents, pictures and files in a central place which you can access from any computer or smartphone you have synced up. I have it on my desktop pc, my laptop and my phone. They all automatically update when I open them up. Very writer friendly, especially if you have to move between many writing locations.

Awesome Notes – this is not a free app, but it’s a pretty darn good notes organizer. I use it for my to-do lists, monthly reminders and story ideas. It’s a fast and efficient way to jot down notes when something creative hits you. Plus each tab is customizable with colors and icons.

Twitter – that’s a duh, isn’t it? With my upgrade to the iPhone 4s, it’s much faster and easier to use. I stay on top of all my favorite tweeters and can send out my own, even at work.

Facebook – I actually find the Facebook app to be much easier to work with than the computer interface, go figure.

Blogger – I don’t usually like typing long things on my phone, it’s a pain in the tookus, but the Blogger app is great in a pinch. Again, really easy to use and FREE.

VehiCal – this mileage logger is simple to use and has email capabilities so you can send your annual report in a printable excel format for tax purposes.

I have tons more, but I want to hear from you!

What are some of your favorite apps (platform doesn’t matter!) and why?

I’ll be giving away a copy of both Her Dark Master and my newest release Keys to Submission to one lucky commenter at the end of the day!

Happy reading!

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