Inkwell Guest: Miriam Newman

It’s day two of my week long vacation and right about now I’m enjoying the historical piratrs tour. I know. You’re SO jealous. 😉 In the meantime, here’s one of my friends and favorite authors, Miriam Newman, to talk about one of her best-sellers!

Scion is my best selling ebook and now is my first book gone to print. Do you know how special that makes it? Fortunately it has been special to a lot of other people, too, and they have asked me how I got the idea for it. Given the fact that I usually write about Medieval knights clanking around in chain mail, I can understand why they wonder. I can just hear it: “A futuristic? Miriam? You’re joking!”

The truth is, I dreamed it. I dreamed of a futuristic square complete with a slave market. Slave market? Even in my dreams, that one surprised me. But I kept on snoring (probably) and along came an aristocrat passing through that square when suddenly his attention was attracted by a most unlikely slave. She was cheap, dirty, beat up, sick, no longer young and looked at him like he was pond scum. He couldn’t resist her. And I woke up, started writing, and barely stopped till the book was finished!

Now I just have to stay awake long enough to finish the sequel: Scion – Book II: House of Ruin.

This best-selling ebook is now available in print at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Scion is the story of Caius and Lela, master and slave on the planet Thelona. Sold into sexual slavery by her own father, Lela is weary and jaded. Caius, returned to the life of the idle rich after eight exciting years in the Mercenary Corps, seeks only a night’s pleasure. When he buys Lela on the public square, neither of them expects what happens next.

Scion is still available as an ebook at, and


4.5 Diamonds from Goterotic Romance: “It’s a story you won’t be able to walk away from once you start the first chapter.”

4.5 from Ramsey’s Reviews: “As soon as I read the first chapter, I became immersed within the pages, unable to break free until I completed the story.”

3 Stars from Romantic Times


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