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Welcome to Day 4 of the birthday bash! Today I’m giving away a copy of my time-travel adventure, A Bend In Time, to one lucky commenter on today’s guest post.

Today I’m super pleased to have not only a terrific writer here but a good friend and critique partner, Misty Evans. She’s got a new book out, in case you’re wondering. And I can tell you it’s a fantastic read. It’s the second book in her Lost Worlds series. She’s here to talk about that and ghosts, so I hope you’ll stick around and post a comment. She’s also giving away a copy of her latest, so be sure and answer the question at the bottom of the post! If you don’t see your comment right away, fear not. I will release them from moderation as soon as I can.

Take it away, Misty!

I’m a big fan of ghost stories and movies. In my new release, Soul Protector, my heroine is a ghost whisperer. While researching real life ghost whisperers, I came across a lot of information on Mary Ann Winkowski. Mary Ann is the real life inspiration for the TV show “Ghost Whisperer”, the author of “When Ghosts Speak” and the co-author of “The Ice Cradle” and “The Book of Illumination.” She has worked with federal agencies as a paranormal investigator and even has a cookbook of ghostly recipes.

She’s a fascinating lady. In particular, I found an article she did for pretty cool. The article is all about which movies get it right when it comes to earthbound spirits. You can read the full article here.

My favorite ghost movies are:

The Sixth Sense

Field of Dreams


All three made Mary Ann’s list of “Close But Not Quite”. According to her, the two movies that were “Dead On” (pun intended, I think) were Stir of Echoes and Witchboard. I’ve never seen either movie, but I’m putting them both in my Netflix cart (for research purposes, of course!).

What is your favorite ghost movie? I’m giving one commenter a free copy of SOUL PROTECTOR or any of my backlist.

About Misty

Misty is currently at work on the next books in all her series. She likes her coffee black, her conspiracy stories juicy, and her wicked characters dressed in couture. Learn more and sign up for her newsletter at Like her author page on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.

Soul Protector, Lost Worlds Series, Book 2

The secret to redemption lies in their souls.

Dr. Nathan Hunter has forty-eight hours to save his job and find the missing Salt Coast Clan, a lost civilization locals believe is a myth. When ancient human remains turn up at the site of a new state water project along the Oregon Coast, he’s sure the lost tribe is real. Before he can examine the bones, however, a pretty female lawyer gets an injunction to stop him.

Nila Willopah sees ghosts. After failing to help a young boy cross over to the afterlife seven years ago, she hung up her shaman’s cape, left her family, and went to college to pursue a law degree. Three days before the bar exam, she’s summoned home by her grandfather to defend a sacred burial ground from a billion dollar state water project.

Although her soul is in danger from the spirits unearthed at the site, Nila is the one person who can stop the project and protect her ancestors’ last resting place from Dr. Hunter. She’s also the only one who can help the angry spirits cross over.

Nila suspects the sexy anthropologist is hiding a dark secret behind his clear blue eyes and skilled hands. A secret she wants nothing to do with. But when one of the ghosts latches onto his soul, Nila must set aside her fears and suspicions and once again enter the world of spirit communication to protect him.

Even if saving his soul means sacrificing her own.

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