Inkwell Guest: Nikki Duncan and Landscaping Love

Hey, everyone! I’m pleased to have the awesome Nikki Duncan as a guest here today. She’s here to talk about landscaping. Hope you’ll stick around and post a comment for her to let her know you were here. If your comment doesn’t show up right away, it’s held in moderation. I’ll release it as soon as I can.

Welcome to the blog, Nikki!

I believe that we all have a creative side somewhere inside. We may or may not know exactly what that is, but we have one. As a writer who dabbles in. Some graphic and website design stuff I have pretty well defined where my creative likes are. This weekend though I got to delve into another side of myself.

It’s a side I don’t indulge much anymore, because it’s exhausting. What is the side?

Yard work.

Occasionally, and by that I mean RARELY, I will go outside and work in the yard. Sometimes that is simply a matter of pulling a few weeds. Sometimes it is a more time consuming project like putting in a brick walkway.

This weekend, the hubby and I took a page from a book character’s page. Thanks to having foundation work done on the house we had a torn up yard. In the vein of my character we decided to redo the landscaping. That meant that hubby and I spent Sunday moving a pile of dirt back to where it belonged, rearranging the landscaping bricks and then planning how things would go back. Instead of plants in the ground, we instead decided to go with pots. Much to hubby’s dismay this meant a rather large purchase of different sizes and shapes of glazed terra cotta pots.

The yard, though still a work in progress, is looking so much better. I can hardly wait until it is completely done. I think I feel at this moment much like my heroine Maggie, from CRIMINAL PROMISES, felt when she decided to rip out and replace the bushes in her back yard. It is hard work, but there is a freedom in ripping out the rigidity of the old and refreshing it with something unique that more accurately reflects the personality of the home owner.

One thing that we bought that reflects us is a metal hanging that we will put on the house. It’s a giant Texas sign with two guns. I wanted a sign that said I like to kill people. I haven’t found it yet.

Tell me, what is in or around your home that reflects your personality? What do you think your color schemes and decor say about you?

While we’re chatting, I hope you will check out CRIMINAL PROMISES.

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