Inkwell Guest: Vicki Batman and Lavender Dreams

Today, my good friend/stalker buddy returns to the blog for another guest appearance. She’s in a new anthology called Lavender Dreams with her short story, “Taking Flight.” All proceeds from the sale of this anthology benefit cancer research.

Thanks so much for visiting again, Vicki! Your story, “Taking Flight,” is part of MuseIt Up Publishing’s cancer anthology, Lavender Dreams. Why did you want to contribute to this anthology?

Instead of journaling, sometimes, I just write down things I want to remember or rant and rave over. I’d experienced a once in a lifetime event with a friend and didn’t want to forget that day; so I wrote our story down. Then, I kept working and working until I felt it perfect. But I had no place to send it.

When I joined MuseIt Up’s author’s loop, I saw the different emails about a cancer anthology and went bing! in my head. I could submit this story about my wonderful friend and it could be shared with others. The book benefited a hospital in honor of a MuseIt Up editor, Karen McGrath, who had passed from cancer. A wonderful opportunity. I submitted, and my story was accepted!

You write short stories. How did you get your started writing short?

I have a very good friend who asked me to critique six shorts she wanted to submit. After a while, osmosis set in, and I began writing my own stories. She suggested sending mine to a True magazine. I did and they bought it and several more. I’ve sold seventeen stories and one sexy novella. I love writing shorts! Mine are sweet and laugh-out-loud funny and writing shorts works well with my life.

I figure, on average, I’ve written close to 100,000 words in short stories. I’d love to continue selling them and even be a part of more anthologies. (I have a doozie that needs, begs to be in an anthology.)

Now for fun: What is your favorite fairy tale?

Oh dear! I haven’t thought about this in years. I would have to say in my mom years, I loved Disney’s version of The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. My boys were small when these movies came out. We watched and watched the videos, memorizing every song and did sing-a-longs in the car. LOL.

Thank you so much, Michelle, for having me. You know I love and adore my stalker buddy.

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