Inkwell Guest: Victoria Adams

Hi (waves at everybody).

I’m Victoria Adams and I’m so excited to be here on Ye Olde Inkwell. I live in Ontario, Canada, with my husband and pets. We are empty nesters, as daughter has finished school and gone off seeking employment.

My hobbies are reading, watching Bones and Big Bang Theory and in the summer – gardening. In the winter, I dream of it being summer so I can play out in my flowers.

What genre?

Romance – sub genres – contemporary romance and new adult romance.


Circles Interlocked is book 3 of the Circles Trilogy.

And – newly released is Dancing in Circles – Book 1 of the Circles Trilogy

It is the story of two prep school students, one (Julie) from privilege, the other (Robert) from poverty and how fate threw them together while society tried to rip them apart.

Excerpt – By 3:45, the five friends settled into a booth at the restaurant, DREAMS. “Okay, the waitress is over there. Start talking.” Tricia propped her elbows on the table and rested her chin on her hands.

“What?” Jennifer batted her eyelids.

“Him. Who is he? What is he?” babbled Tricia. “Is he sleeping with somebody? Is somebody sleeping with him? Does he like brunettes named Tricia?”

“All right, all right. Well Addison said that Zoe?”

“We know that. Zoe said that Janai said what?” Tricia and Heather shouted.

“His name is Robert. Kristal said that she heard Maddi tell Ashley….”

The waitress coughed interrupting her monologue.

“Uh, Diet Cokes all around.” Julie pointed at everyone.

“I’ve got a date with him Friday night.” Tricia’s smile spread across her face.

Francine flicked her hair over her shoulders. “He and Parks had a disagreement in bio today.”

“Wait a sec.” Jennifer held up her hand. “Tricia gets a date, and Francine watches him fight with a teacher?”

The conversation paused while the waitress served their order.

Jennifer checked her cell phone. “Details please. Tricia goes first then you.” She pointed a pink polished fingernail at Francine.

Tricia signalled the end of her success story by popping her eyebrows up and down and smiling. Francine wrinkled her nose and sniffed. “I don’t think Trish’ll be going on her date.”

Julie nodded while sipping her Diet Coke.

“Why not?” Gossip queen Jennifer’s senses tingled.

Francine pulled herself up tall. “He’s not one of us. He’s Shore.”

“Ooh, a bad boy.” Tricia’s cheeks flushed.

“Tricia, get your head back here on planet reality.” Francine glared at her. “He’s not worth it. He’ll just get you into a car, do you, then dump you. Excuse my crudeness. Guys like him don’t care. Their brains and hearts are in their pants.”

Tricia’s eyes glazed over. “Sounds hot. He seems dangerous. I don’t mean in the physical sense. I mean dangerous in the back of a parked car.” She giggled and sipped her drink.

“I have to go. I’ve got class.” Julie swallowed the last of her drink.

“Still dancing?” Jennifer shook her head. “How can anybody do the same thing for twelve years?”

Julie laughed and waved goodbye.

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Thank you so much for letting me visit.

I look forward to hosting you on Victoria’s Pages of Romance.

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