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Wow. The weekend just flew by.

Friday was a very long day. It started early with errands and then picking up Joan from the airport, then lunch, and then back home for a little bit of resting up. Headed out to the book signing and then had some dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Since I was still full from lunch, I had coffee and tiramisu. It was delish!

Saturday morning started off early and raining. It rained pretty much all day. But the luncheon was a success and everyone enjoyed the speakers, the food, and the fun. We had a photographer come take headshots, which I’m really excited about. I actually have a professional headshot now! I should have those next week so when I get one picked out, I’ll start using it for the promo stuff.

That night a few of the gals and I took the speakers to dinner at Rockfish. It was a total food fest all weekend. I finally got home that night, laid on the couch and watched old episodes of Alias and passed out on the couch. I woke up about midnight and managed to stumble to bed. 🙂

Got up early the next morning, vacuumed, cleaned the litter box, did laundry. Man came over, picked me up and we went to lunch at Outback. Then we went to the mall and I finally finally finally got to see Star Trek! WOO! The movie rocked. I think I’ll have to take the kid next weekend. We had Dickie’s for dinner. More food! I think I can safely say I ate very well this weekend.

So it was a full three days. I’m glad it’s behind me so I can concentrate on other things like…writing! Except the end of the school year is upon us – school is out NEXT Friday. I can’t believe it’s over already! And Wednesday is Man’s birthday. For an entire week, I get to tease him that he is XX years older than me. See? I’m considerate. I don’t put the actual number in there. HA.

Okay that’s it for me. Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I’m off to work.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.