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Last night, had the baby boy and we cooked dinner while he watched Muppet Treasure Island. I guess that movie just wasn’t entertaining enough for me because he turned it off before it was over. After dinner, he wanted to play on the computer.

I’m highly annoyed with Cartoon Network’s website. It bombs out IE every time. And I had that set as his home page. Well, no more. Now his home page is Hot Wheels. I’ll show them. He did finally get the website to work (actually I think the problem is little fingers click too fast on the mouse before it’s done loading).

Anyway, I joined Netflix for a free trial just to see how I like it. Since there are a ton of movies I want to see, and I can’t afford them all on DVD, I figured what the heck. I watched The Lake House the other night and LOVED it. It’s a very sweet and romantic movie and Sandra Bullock is very good it in. Definitely one of her better films. I think I’m going to have to buy that one.

I also got Superman Returns but haven’t watched it yet.

Yes, Lara, Sahara is on the list 😉

Not much writing progress. Well, some. I’m a true Pantser and so when I get to a point where I’m not sure what happens next I stop. I’ve tried to plot and outline but I tend to work better with just a general idea of where I’m going instead of a true plot guide. I also tend to write out scenes I know I want in the story, even if I’m not there yet. So that makes me a Scener. Anyway, I really like the story I’m working on but I need to put it on hold for a while and work on the dragon story. Especially if I want to get it written polished and submitted by March 2.

A tall order to be sure.

I’m supposed to be in Dallas this afternoon for a meeting, which means I get to fight the bloody traffic back home. It doubly sucks since I drive a stick. An hour in bumper to bumper exhausted me.

But, aside from that, I’m terribly happy it’s Friday. Oh and I’m going to get to see The Man tonight. Anticipation makes for an EXTREMELY long day. 😉

TGIF Ya’ll.

By Michelle

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