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For the past two days, I’ve been in a marketing meeting for work. Despite the fact it was for work, it was actually rather fun. The team that’s been assembled into this committee is fun, funny, intelligent, and we each bring our own ideas and thoughts to the table. It was a great learning and brainstorming session. I loved being a part of it and I feel like I’ll be able to really contribute to the team effort.

It’s weird. If you had told me 10 years ago I would be involved in a job that’s so cool, I would have laughed. Just like if you had told me 10 years ago, I’d be buying my own house. Still can’t believe that one, either.

So Wednesday was a great day. We had a demo of some new software we’re getting and I can’t wait to see this implemented. It’s going to be a cultural shift at the company, but I really think it’s only for the better and it’s going to make things SO much easier. I’m excited about it. I’m looking forward to it. And I feel confident that I will have a great place to work for a very long time to come. It makes me immensely happy.

After the day-long session, we stopped for drinks in the bar, and then headed off to dinner at PF Chang’s. I love this place and the one in downtown hasn’t been open too long. Okay, about two years or so. Anyway, I go for lunch on occasion and the food is just divine.

We arrived and the manager at the door asked how many. I immediately piped up with seven but for some unknown reason, I held up two fingers. He gave me a look and laughed and I said, “Hey, I’ve been drinking.” Only one glass of the house merlot but I was feeling rather happy and elated with that and the session we’d had as a group.

We sit down to dinner and the boss’s husband joined us – who is just delightful, by the way – and we had a lovely meal. Hot and sour soup, lettuce wraps and I had the lemon chicken. Yummy. The manager guy, who was wearing a dark blue shirt and a nice tie, I noted came by the table quite a bit. My good friend was sitting on the end and at one point he paused to apologize to her for all the traffic behind her chair.

The fortune cookies arrived at the end of the meal, as it they usually do, and we all grab one. The rule is – you read it out loud and you always add “in bed” to the end. So I went first and my fortune was: Someone with blue eyes admires you.

In bed.

About that time, the manager happened by, heard me say my fortune aloud and paused. He leaned down and said directly to me, “Actually, they’re green.”

Talk about smooth.

Now, I should mention that at dinner there was some talk of my affinity for firemen. So this was a little unexpected twist in my quest for a fireman.


Back to the manager. So, my response to him was to laugh because it was very funny. And as he walked away, my mouth complete took over and I shout to him, “Are you single?”

He nodded an affirmative that he was indeed single.

I looked back to my coworkers in shock. “That’s never happened before,” I say.

So we finished up our fortunes and head out of the restaurant. The manager mysteriously appears as we get up to leave. My coworkers high-tailed it out of the restaurant, leaving me with him! I was abandoned. Not that I was complaining much. He was rather attractive – at least in the half-light of the restaurant. He could really be a troll for all I know, but from what I recall, he was cute.

He asked if I lived in the area and I told him I did and worked in downtown. He told me he was opening the restaurant next week and if I came in for lunch, he’d buy. He asked for a business card of which I do not have, and I told him I’d do one better. It’d bring him a bookmark and I told him I was a writer (but neglected to tell him what genre!). He asked if I was published and I said I was. “Ah, intelligent. I like that,” was his response.

Yeah. Smooth.


Oh, and he gave me his business card, too. Swapping business cards to get a date. Nice. LOL

I’m frantically printing bookmarks and business cards, now.

He shook my hand and walked me to the door and I headed out to meet up with my coworkers who were waiting patiently. About that time, a fire truck was driving down the street. Since I was on such a high, I hear myself say, “OOO! Firemen!” and loud too. What can I say? I like firemen. I couldn’t help myself. It’s like standing outside a store and window shopping that one pair of shoes you can’t afford. You look anyway. And you might go in and fondle them on occasion, but it’s really going to be okay if you never actually get them. Ya know?

All in all it was a great two days. In 48 hours, I bought a house, got a free wine fridge (another story for another day), a possible invite to a suite at the Stars game, a date, and a possible promotion at work (yet another story). I’m exhausted. 😉

And now I’m off to take my baby boy to school. He’s staying with me through Monday. I’m so happy he’s here.

Happy Friday, all!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.