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So this weekend was spent in front of the computer. Almost the whole weekend. But I got a lot done – in fact, I got everything done I had intended to get done, which is always a good thing. My desk is all neat and organized. I made new folders for all my Samhain contracts. A new folder for 2007 tax deducations. Woo. I am SO on top of it.

Wonder how long it’ll last? 😉

Went to Mom’s on Sunday and we went to a late lunch at Applebee’s. I was rather disappointed in the service. The guy first tried to bring us the wrong food – he was at the wrong table – and then he forgot which one of us had which dessert. And when he refilled our tea glasses, he took away the glasses. I’m a paranoid sort – I don’t like them taking my glass away to refill it. I mean, bring me a new one if you must. I suppose I’m spoiled to having super service, though, since I usually visit The Man’s restaurant when I dine out. You can’t beat that personal attention.

We were both stuffed to the gills by the time we left. Mom made some very cute curtains for the baby’s room. Two blue panels with a Cars valance. They are SO cute! Now I’m very inspired to get his room painted. That $10 project card is calling my name…

Spending so much time in front of the computer made the weekend fly by. I was shocked when I looked up and it was 6:30. I still had laundry to finish, the cat box to scoop, trash to take out.

I have two packages to get in the mail today – one to my sister. It’s the shoes I cleaned out of my closet. She should be surprised to get the. I mean, she’s the only person who’s actually ever WORN these shoes anyway (I loaned them to her when her daughter was competing in Miss Texas a couple of years ago).

I got this card in the mail Saturday for a complimentary hair cut and color from this place near the house. The Salon Gods must have heard me complaining to Best Good Friend the other day about needing a hair cut. The salon I usually go to is temporarily closed because the owner (and only sytlist) is out on maternity leave. So today, I’m going to schedule an appointment! I probably won’t go for the color though because salon color scares me. I’m afriad it might come out purple or something. I’ll just buy Miss Clairol and do it myself. 🙂

And, in other news, I volunteered to judge The Sheila. I haven’t judged in a couple of years. I had heard three judges dropped out and I know how difficult it is to find replacements – I had the same debacle with our own contest. I’m actually looking forward to reading some other writer’s work.

That’s it for me. Time to head to work!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.