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This weekend was super hectic. Saw Mom, saw GI Joe, ate at Texas Roadhouse, did laundry and other various errands. But it’s done and in the record books and now I can look forward to the rest of the week. Right? Totally dreading driving to Big D Wednesday and Thursday, though. I hate that traffic. It’s awful. It beats me down. I guess the only saving grace is I’ll have my iPod with me.

Worked on pages last night. Rewrote most of chapter 17 using my outline (I know – it still shocks even me I’m using an outline but HEY! it works!).

And I’m having some serious brain-dead moments lately. I think I may need to slow down. I think the whole “trying to do too much” thing is catching up to me. I know. I hear the inward giant sucking noise of shock and awe from you all now.

But seriously… I really need to think about the rest of the year and next year and see what I can do to cut down on doing some things.

Anyway – today I want to finish chapter 17, get on with 18 and get the revision drafted. I want this puppy DONE by Friday. That’s the goal.

Okay I’m off to work. I owe, I owe!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.