Is it over yet?

This has been the longest week. It’s tough getting back to work after a long holiday. Especially a good long holiday where every day is just enjoyable. I’m so ready for this week to be done and over.

This morning, though, I will be trapped in a very large room with lots of other people who have been called to do their civic duty – jury duty that is. I resent I was called AGAIN. I swear it hasn’t even been 12 months since the last time I was called. I distinctly remember it because it was butt-cold and I walked from the justice center back to the office – about six or seven blocks – and I froze my ass off. I was so cold I actually ran the rest of the way while my face was frozen and my hands and feet were numb.

This morning we wake up to flurries – yes, again! – and it’s butt-cold again! I am not amused, Tarrant County. NOT.AMUSED.

Yesterday was a tough day for me. I was very out-of-sorts for various reasons. Then I discover my mail list that went to the printer had about 250 missing zip codes. And of course I find out with an hour left in the day and I’m trying to cram it all in before I leave because, as I said, I have to be in jury duty this morning. I manage to get it all done and leave the office later. Which meant picking up the kid was late and getting home was late. Which meant dinner was even later. And almost a disaster. I usually time everything just right so it’s all done at the same time but I was having an off-night.

Man sent me a text and told me he had to stop for gas, so I decided, as I’m attempting to cook dinner, I’m going to make him a pot a coffee with fresh ground beans in my fancy coffee pot. I pour the water in, start it. He gets home, pours a cup of…hot water. The beans never ground! Which means their stopped up in the grinder. sigh Finally we eat dinner and Man makes a real pot of coffee. But as I’m doing the dishes, I knock over his cup and spill his coffee. 😐 At least I managed to get the dishes done without breaking one.

Then it’s time to quiz the kiddo for his test tomorrow and all of a sudden it’s time for him to go to bed. I mean, seriously? Where does the time go? It’s like I blink and the evening is done.

I did work on the book a little last night. Mostly some brainstorming and figure out things. Since I’m stuck at the courthouse today, I printed off lots of pages to read from the beginning and see just how sucky it is (I’ll let you know). I figured I may as well make use of my time. Plus I really need to see how the story is progressing. It feels like there is a lot of missing description and emotion.

So I’ve decided to stop fretting about submitting/querying right now and just focus all my attention on this new book. I don’t think the entire draft will by done by January 1 since I’m slowing down the process and going to do a write/edit sort of thing. But that’s okay. As long as the book gets done by Spring, is polished and ready to submit, that’s okay by me.

At least it’s finally Friday! And tomorrow night I have a Christmas party to go to. I’m really looking forward to that. 🙂

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.