Is it Sunday?

It’s unseasonably warm here … which doesn’t put me in the Christmas spirit at all.

I seem to have lost track of time on this long holiday weekend. Yesterday the server was down so I couldn’t blog or anything. Today things are back up and working. Hooray!

I’ve had this material to recover my dining room chairs for about two months now. I finally took on the project this weekend. My hands are all beat up from it too. Took a chunck out of my forefinger on my left hand with the screw driver. My knuckles are all beat up too and my hand will have nice blisters from the staple gun. BUT the chairs look wonderful in the dining with the red wall (sort of a dark red). I’m pleased with the outcome. All I have left to do now is screw the bottoms back in and clean up. Then it’s time to decorate for Christmas.

I’m going to be picking up all the toys in the front living room today to get it ready for the tree. Getting the decorations down from the attic is always a chore. Getting the massive seven-foot tree down is even harder.


I’ll post pictures of the renovated dining room as soon as I can.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

By Michelle

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