Is it Tuesday already?

Quote du Jour:
“Well, I don’t know how you people do it. All that emotional chow-chow. It’s exhausting.”
–Samantha, Sex and the City

Today proves to be another day in paradise (said tongue-in-cheek). Another day where we get up at oh-damn-thirty, schlep to the airport to drop off the husband, and then back to the house to get ready for work.

Another week has begun. Another long weekend is over.

It’s depressing, really.

I have nothing to show for the weekend. Except a really snazzy pair of sunglasses and a horrendous allergy attack. There were a lot of things I should have done this weekend. Like clean up my messy desk. I did manage to finish the laundry finally, but I dragged that out until today. Pathetic. When I had four days to do it, I still struggled to get it done. I got no writing done (unless you call three paragraphs writing). It’s a good thing I’m finished with the serials because I would be in serious trouble otherwise.

Speaking of serials, it seems KeepItComing will be “on hold” until September 25th. The bad news is customers don’t get their ezines they’ve subscribed to. The good news is she’s not shutting down after all. I realize she’s going through a bad time and all (of which I will not go into here), but I still don’t think she should be telling all of her authors in a mass email what those problems are. They’re personal, in my humble opinion, and she should keep them to herself.

When I went through my divorce with the ex-idiot, I kept it to myself. I sure as hell didn’t want to tell people what I was going through. Even now, there are only a handful of people who know what I dealt with.

Oh well. What do I know, anyway?

These allergies are really kicking my butt. I’m all medicated up but lack of sleep is making me feel run-down. Another restless night doesn’t help either. Finally drifted off to sleep around midnight, trying to make my brain think about my current WIP. I heard snippets of dialog in my head, but nothing concrete. Then had to get up at 5:15 this morning to go to the airport.

I hate DH is going out of town again, but I have to say I am looking forward to the peace. When I put the baby to bed, I shut off the TV and have complete and utter silence. It’s beautiful. Except tonight, depending on how exhausted I am, I plan to stay up a little bit and watch a movie.

Well…must dash. It’s off to work!

PS. Apparently, I’m allergic to Fungus and Ragweed. :talktohand:

By Michelle

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