Is it Wednesday?

Having a day off and then starting back to work after the holiday has really messed up my days. I keep thinking it’s Tuesday, even though the calendar clearly states it is in fact Wednesday.

Anyway – Husband got us tickets to the hockey game tonight. I get to drool over hockey boys! How fun is that going to be? Plus – we’re close to the ice, near the penalty box. Almost close enough I could reach out and pet them. (But, alas, I will refrain myself.)

It sure seems dark in the mornings at 7 when I come in. Even my son commented that it was still dark. I’m looking forward to having a little more daylight – not that I want it to get hot or anything.

And speaking of weather, what is up with the temperatures here? It feels like April! It’s in the 70s here and it’s very strange for January.

On another note, my phone shipped out! I should have it tomorrow. Very happy about that.

Not much else to blog about here. Time for another cup of coffee! :coffee:

By Michelle

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