Is this thing on?

My computer seems to be cranky lately. The mouse is cantankerous. I thought it needed new batteries but, alas, it still doesn’t want to click on anything! And this internet connection is slower than molasses.

Ah well.

Hey I’m blogging over at ShoeIQ about my serious obsession. Check it out. 🙂

I can’t believe how fast the weekend went. Sheesh. And I worked my ass off too.

Saturday I shopped and shopped and shopped some more. I got some things I needed for the house – like a new toilet. Yeah, that’s kinda necessary. I’m so happy I’m going to have it installed on Thursday! Along with the cleaning of the dryer vent. Plus I got some other miscellaneous stuff for the casa.

Saturday found me having a fit with the stupid towel bar I was trying to install. I finally got the thing done, though, only to realize I had installed the brackets upside down. Oh yeah, I was thrilled to learn I had to take them off, turn them over, and put them back on the wall again. Yeah, Boyfriend got a big kick out of that one (and I can hear you laughing over there).

I gave up and finished the task Sunday. Got the new hand towel ring installed and the new toilet paper holder done. Painted the cabinet. Replaced the door pulls. And tada! All new bathroom. Sort of.

For my bathroom, I bought the COOLEST shower curtain – it has shoes on it! And the shower curtain rings have shoes on them too. And it’s pink! And GIRLIE! I love it. Love it! Naturally, I had to have accessories so I got a nifty little power box and a matching rug. It’s divine. Then I had to have new towels, so went to Target and ended up getting some Christmas toys for the baby and found a really cool little bookshelf for his room. Got it. Put it together.

So you could say I dropped a small fortune this weekend. But it’s only money right? I pay the bills and no one cares. Except me. And I’m NOT looking forward to seeing that Visa bil.

Why do I suddenly feel like Becky Bloomwood from Confessions of a Shopaholic?

Got to see Boyfriend Sunday evening before he departed for vacation to the gulf coast for the week.

And the kiddo will be spending a couple of days with me this week since his dad is out of town. I’m really looking foward to having him with me. Plus we get to go trick or treating together in my new neighborhood. Should be lots of fun! I hope I at least get to hand out this candy I bought. Otherwise, it’s going to the office so I can fatten them up. Instead of fattening me up. HA

Okay time for work. And :coffee:

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