It is over already?

I’m thoroughly annoyed that it’s Monday already and last week went by so freaking fast.

I’m also thoroughly annoyed that this is the second time I’ve written this post. Apparently I had a Senior Moment or an Almost Middle-Aged Moment or something because apparently I blacked out in mid-type and forgot to save the fracking post.


Anyway. Sunday was a lazy day and the Sweetie Boy and I didn’t bother to get dressed until nearly noon. We stayed in all day. He played games, I didn’t laundry and finished reading the bestest book ever.

On Saturday, Ames and I went to the local B&N because Candace Havens told us the previous Saturday at the chapter meeting we HAD to go because Rosemary Clement-Moore was having her first booksigning for her debut novel, Prom Dates From Hell. (Was that like the worst run-on sentence EVER?) Rosemary is a total doll and Candy was there helping her stay organized.

I bought the book, of course, and came home on Saturday afternoon and started reading. I couldn’t stop! I couldn’t wait to get the baby to bed so I could crawl between my own sheets and read. I finally fainted somewhere close to midnight and had to stop. I finished it on Sunday and it was, may I say, totally awesome. Rosemary is a wonderful writer. I loved Maggie and I could relate to her on so many levels. The dialogue is snappy and witty and there was some laugh out loud moments. It’s the kind of book you feel like those characters are your best friends by the time you reach the end. I want more, dammit! More about these characters! hehe Do yourself a favor and run to your local bookstore and buy this book. You will NOT be disappointed. 🙂

Anyway. It was hard for me to take the baby boy home Sunday evening. I have moments of sadness. The house was terribly terribly quiet without him there. At around 7:30 I shut the TV off to get some work done. I read some chapters from Ames’ new book (another awesome story!), all the while having a rousing text message session with The Man.

This is going to be a busy week, seeing as how I’m going to have to get my car fixed. I have an 8 am appointment with the collision repair place this morning. I hope they don’t have to have the car too long because I hate driving something that doesn’t belong to me. I want to get this done and over with and I BETTER not get shafted by the guy’s insurance company or I’m going to be one pissed off lady.

Tuesday I have a date with The Man (tentative) and then Wednesday through Sunday the baby boy is back with me while his dad is out of town. We’re going to a Tupperware party on Saturday afternoon and somewhere in there I’ve promised the baby we’d bake cookies.

AND… somehow I’ve got to get all the edits done for BREAK IN TIME and back to the editor by …Thursday.

I’ll need coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. Especially since it looks like I’ll be burning the midnight oil.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.