It snowed!

I was going to blog about my Wednesday night but that pales in comparion to snowball fights, snow angels and snowmen. Doesn’t it? I mean, really. Especially here in North Texas. We haven’t seen a “blizzard” like this so late in the year for about 30 years. The last one that was like this, that I remember anyway, was when I was a kid.

The sleet and freezing rain wasn’t supposed to be here until Thursday night. But it decided to show up early to the party. The freezing precip started early in the day Thursday and continued until about 6 pm. It snowed! I think we got about four inches. I mean that’s really something! The roads were more slushy than icy but since the temps are freezing overnight, I’d imagine they’ll be a nice solid sheet of ice by rush hour. Hoo.Ray.

Anyway. I left work at 3:15 and headed home. I got my sweetie boy and we were home by just after 4. We played in the snow. Had a snowball fight, made a very bad snowman and he made a snow angels. He was cold and wet by the time I could coax him inside. But we had SO much fun!

The snowflakes were huge–about the size of a silver dollar. While we were outside, it was really coming down. The temp didn’t seem that cold yet, it was still in the upper 30s. By the time the sun went down though, it got COLD.

This is really odd for this time of year. We usually have our freezes in January and February. By March, it’s warming up and we’re in short sleeve t-shirts and light jackets instead of snow boots and heavy coats. Weird.

But that’s Texas for you. Unpredicable weather. I’m willing to bet by the end of the month, we’ll be seeing tornados. That’s what we expect this time of year – severe weather, now snow. hehe

Anyway… here are a few pics I took in the front and back of the house. Enjoy!





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