It’s a breakthrough miracle

Last night, after struggling with this one section for days, it finally hit me! I finally figured out some crucial backstory to my race of Fae. And, surprisingly, there are Elves, too.

I love Elves. I love that Tolkein came up with the beautiful, ethereal Elves for Lord of the Rings. There is something just so awesome about them. Mine are patterned much like his, thought they don’t live in Middle Earth. The live in the Otherworld with the Fae. And they don’t much care for the Faeries, either. I haven’t figured out why yet. 😉

BUT, what I’m happy to report is that I think I have some solid worldbuilding now. And I wrote just shy of 1500 words. It felt super awesome to get some words in finally after all the struggle.

So I rewarded myself with a pair of shoes from DSW online. They’re having a clearance sale and I had $10 certificate I had to use before Sunday. So what the heck? So I shopped online and I found the CUTEST pair of black Jones New York for – get this – $30 with shipping! OH yeah, that rocks. It’s a total Deal Of The Century right there. (By the way, they were regularly $80).

There’s also a new Coach bag out that I’m hot to have (Madison Maggie if you’re so inclined to look it up – it’s HAWT). I should have never looked at their website the other. And this bag just spoke to me in a way no other has. Okay that sounds really odd but it’s totally true. I wish Coach would send out another Preferred Customer Event card (25% off – I always get one) so I could get the bag.

Oh well. It’s only a bag. Right? (as if)

I also have a Best Buy reward certificate to use so I think I’m going this weekend and getting myself an iPod/clock radio dock I can take to the office. I hate not having a radio. It’s very bothersome to me. I like to have background noise when I’m working. And the same old MP3s I have on my computer are, um, getting old. Yes, I’m spoiled.

Okay that’ sit for me. I’m in a meeting all day but TGIF. I’m happy it’s Friday!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.