It’s another week

It astounds me how fast the weekends go. Wasn’t it just Friday like 2 minutes ago?

I can barely remember Friday… What did I do? Oh yes. I didn’t feel like cooking so it was off to McDonald’s for us. I got a grilled chicken sandwich becuase I couldn’t stand the guilt of the fried hamburger. Even though I really really wanted one. I’m feeling fat these days, though, so I skipped it. I did, however, have the fries and the Coke. Bad. And then ice cream later. Bad Again.

Saturday was the baby boy’s soccer game and then we came home and just vegged the rest of the day. Didn’t go anywhere. Didn’t do anything. We just hung out and I let him pretty much do whatever he wanted. And I had more ice cream. Bad.

He didn’t want to go to bed Saturday night. He wanted to stay up and play with his fort. So I let him. Until 10 pm when I finally made him get into bed. He was out in 2.3 seconds. I snuck (is that a word?) off to the computer and played a rousing game of Sims until the thing locked up, I got disgusted, and then just shut everything down.

I got into bed about 11:15 and was out in like 2.3 seconds. And I had weird dreams. Heard the baby coughing at about 4 am and woke up to check on him. He didn’t wake up.

I woke up about 7 and then dozed for another hour. Got up, had a cup of coffee, showered and got ready for church. The baby boy slept until after 9. He was mad because I was already up and we didn’t get our Sunday morning snuggle-time.

Then it was off to church where I went to a sort of orientation to find out a little bit more about them. Sweetie Boy went into the child care room. It was a two hour session, which flew by. Afterward, I picked up the baby boy.

“Did you have a good class, Mom?” he asked. It made me giggle. I said I did and then he asked, “Did you do good, Mom?”

HAHA It was so darn cute.

He talked me into going the “big” Wal-Mart (we have a Neighborhood Market) because he knew he could sucker me into a new toy. All I needed was chili sauce for dinner. So instead of spending $1.87 I ended up spending $9.00 on a new toy, chili sauce, and a box of Triscuits (it’s better than ice cream).

I cooked over BBQ’d chicken with homemade sauce last night and it was DELISH. Even the Sweetie Boy liked it. He said it was a keeper recipe. LOL He’s gotten to be quite the little wordsmith lately.

After dinner, was dishes, cleaning the cat box, and finishing laundry. Isn’t my life exciting? It’s my night to sort of wind down the weekend and get prepped for the week ahead. Which I totally detest but you know…ya gotta do it. It’s a living. Until something better comes along or I strike it rich, whichever comes first. haha

I did manage to forego the ice cream Sunday night…but it sure was hard to resist.

And now it’s off to work …

…even though I’m still thinking about ice cream… 

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.