It’s beginning to look a lot like…


We have the tree up, our snowy village built, and Christmas candles ready to go. This weekend, the kid and I built a gingerbread house. No pictures because I had an icing malfunction and one side looks awful. In fact, the roof fell off at one point. Good times.

We tried to put lights up on the house this weekend, but the weather didn’t cooperate. It rained all weekend. Sometimes cold and drizzly. Other times cold and heavy. But overcast, rainy, and just all around yucky. The kind of weather that makes you want to drink hot chocolate, have a fire, curl up with a good book. Alas, none of that happened. I did start reading The Iron King this weekend and so far, it’s very enjoyable.

Instead, I tried to make fudge and it was a disaster. I don’t have a candy thermometer, so I couldn’t see the temp of the fudge as I cooked it and ended up cooking it too long. It hardened. Like solid. Like in the pan not to be removed. The pan is still soaking as I write this. It’s not often I have a baking disaster but I definitely had one yesterday. So I pulled out my refrigerated sugar cookie dough and made sugar cookies.

I also made lemon bars. I guess I was in the mood to bake this weekend. 🙂

Dexter got some new furniture, too. I stopped in at the pet store and purchased a new “kitty condo” for him. He loves it. I also got some new food dishes and a new toy. He’s very spoiled. As it should me. My thought with the kitty condo was to discourage him from laying on the couch. Yeah, I know. Fat chance of that. But I can dream, can’t I?

Oh, and did I mention I wrote? I woke up on Saturday with a very specific idea for a scene in the second Knight book and wrote out most of it that night. I still have specific ideas for that scene in my head. I’ve been writing almost every day on my lunch hour and manage around 1k. I’ve broke the 20k mark on the second knight book. I still have to finish the draft of the other new one I started and get it ready to submit but I have limited time.

The kid only has two more weeks of school left before he gets out of the holiday. I’ve gotten nearly all my shopping done but I have a few odds and ends to do and some packages to mail. Egads, this is just going by too fast. And this is going to be a busy week!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.