It’s Cold!

Most Repeated Phrase of the Weekend: “Leave the cat alone.”

The temperature right now is 27 degrees F. OH MY GAW it’s cold. Now you have to remember, I’m a thin-skinned Texan, so that’s really dang cold. The high is supposed to be 30 today. The weather folks promised rain and sleet starting after midnight. We didn’t get ANY. Which is really kind of good since the roads would have been a nice sheen of ice. We’re supposed to get some off and on rain/sleet today and tomorrow.

I’m waiting around all dang day for the satellite dude to show up. UGH. I hate waiting for that sort of thing. But, alas, a necessary evil if I want my Food Network. Right? Sweetie Boy is watching Wallace & Gromit for the second time this weekend (and it’s only Saturday morning!). He’s a great kid. I picked him up early and we went to Wal-Mart :dead: yesterday before the Great Ice Storm of 2006 hit (sarcasm). It could have been a lot worse than it was. I bought lots of food and some much needed necessities – like a broom and a dustpan and a toaster. I was proud of myself for staying within my budget of $100. I spent exactly $99. Wal-Mart ROCKS.

Anyway, we got back home and I realized I had no pitcher of any sort to make his requested lemonade. So it was back to the grocery store :dead: for that. Luckily, the local store had one and I was able to go through the self-check line and not wait forever to get out of there. Back at home, I made Spiderman mac & cheese, of which he didn’t eat. Kids. 🙂 Anyway, we had a nice evening and watched some Olympics after his movie went off. When he started yawning big time, I put him to bed. He was out in minutes. I tried to get back to watching the Olympics only to crash on the couch about 10ish.

Later on today I’m going to clean the bathrooms and start some laundry. Tomorrow, weather permitting, I’m going to try to take Sweetie Boy to see 8 Below because he’s dying to see it. I thought it’d be fun to go to the movies. I hope it’s appropriate for his age. If not, then it’s Curious George.

And then Monday comes and the week starts all over again. Thursday and Friday I have a “marketing retreat” which means I will be sans computer for two days (OMG!). Hopefully the hotel has wireless Internet and I can at least check email and blog.

Oh and I have one of this horrible zits that is under the skin right ON my left eyebrow. What is UP with that? You’d think being over 30 would make those horrible things STOP.

It’s a nice weekend so far. I hope that satellite dude hurries up so I don’t have to wait around all dang day. Not that I have any where to go since it’s so bloody cold…

By Michelle

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