It’s Dead, Jim

Quote du Jour:
“SHALL I compare thee to a summer’s day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate”
Sonnet XVIII, William Shakespeare

The Best Boots Ever – gave me the Worst Blister Ever. Right in the bend of my big toe. Kind of in a weird place. And it hurts like hell. Ahh.. the price of beauty.

Yesterday was a normal day in the hemisphere of Mik. Went to work (stopped at Chick Fil A for breakfast), did the usual stuff, picked up Son, and headed home. When I got home, I realized I had parked on more than my share of the driveway (yes, I am a driveway hog as well as a bed hog) and went out to move the car over so Husband would have room for his truck. Stick the key in… and nothing. It just went click click click. Great.

Battery was dead. So, while Husband was on his way home, I take off in the Jeep to go get dinner with my son. We head to Taco Bell (for us) and then Jack In The Box (for Son) and then home. But there was a wreck on Rufe Snow and it took longer than usual to get home so my stinking nacho chips were all soggy by the time I got there. WHAA

Anyway.. after dinner, Husband and Son went to get a new battery. Came home, put it in. All is fine. Husband then tells me we need to drive around a bit to charge up the battery. It’s the LAST thing on the planet I want to be doing because I’m tired and cranky. But we go. In the car, Husband proceeds to tell me the following conversation happened between him and our son on the way to the auto parts store.

DS: “Dad, are you driving fast?”
DH: “No, just the speed limit. It’s kind of medium speed.”
DS: “Mommy drives really fast in the Jeep.” (He tattled on me!)
DH: “She does?”
DS: “Yeah, and I had to tell her to slow down.”

Of course, I was weeping with laughter when DH told me this story. It was rather funny. And, hey, I really don’t drive that fast in the Jeep! I swear!

Anyway… on our neighborhood jaunt, we discover that our pumpkins were not the only ones who met an untimely demise. It seems the entire neighborhood was a victim of the teenage prank. There were smashed up pumpkins up and down the street. I mean, what’d these pumpkins ever do to them?

In writing news:
I should hear back within two weeks on my Talk Dirty To Me submission. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Well… off to work.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.