It’s February?

I swear I blinked and January was gone.

We had a good Super…ah, I mean “big game” Sunday. Can’t say the OTHER word without giving Mr. Goodell some royalty money. PPBBLLTTT on him. We decided to do our grocery shopping on Saturday to avoid the horror of the store on Sunday. So glad we did, too. Hubby bought lots of chicken to fry so I made my mom’s southern fried chicken recipe along with some oven roasted wings. I rolled the wings in taco seasoning and they were TASTY! The fried chicken came out really good too. Also made my famous garlic mashed potatoes and we stuffed ourselves silly. Totally silly. Then we sat on the couch with our laptops and iPhones and Facebooked about the game.

Good times.

It was a good weekend. Took the kid rollerblading on Saturday and he “wasn’t feeling it” so we walked half a mile instead. It was good to get out and walk like that.

Oh and I bet you’re wondering what I’m working on, eh? No? Well I’m going to tell you anyway. I’m 85% done with the draft for Knight 3. I’m currently in a stuck position though while I try to figure out how the final climax/black moment is going to go. So to stall I printed and read the entire book and found some weak spots that I fleshed out. I’ve put the “secret project” on hold until I finish that book and I REALLY want to work on that so there’s my motivation.

Y’all have a good week.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.