It’s good to be clean

I couldn’t stand it another second! I cleaned off my desk and other surfaces that were totally cluttered in my office. It’s a nice start for 2008. I organized. I trashed stuff I didn’t need anymore. Now all I have to do is some filing and TADA – organized office!

We’ve had a busy last few days. Christmas was good! And my Sweetie Boy got everything he wanted – and then some! I bought him a Batman bathrobe and he loves it. He wanted to sleep in it last night. hehe

And as for me – I got the biggest bottle of perfume known to mankind for Christmas from my honey. That along with a very nice gift set from Bath & Body Works (Sweet Pea – the best stuff on the planet!) so’s I can smell good for my man. Think he’s trying to tell me he wants me to smell delightful for him? 😉

My mommy came to visit, too, for a couple of days over the holiday. We had a nice time and mostly stayed home. I took my niece shoe shopping and she LOVED it. She bought three pairs of shoes and a hat and spent all her money. She was so cute in the store (she’s 11) running from pair to pair with the Inward Sucky Noise. I think she got the Shoe Gene from me. hehe

We also played Sorry! and Clue and the Wii. And I set up the Battleground game for the baby boy, too, and he played and played with that for several hours. I like when he entertains himself like that. I can get lots done that I need to (i.e., clean the office!).

And let’s see…I think I’ll be taking down all the Christmas stuff this weekend because now that Christmas is over, I’m ready for my house to be back to normal again.

Hard to believe 2008 is just around the corner. My how time has flown!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.