It’s here

If you get a chance, stop by Pop Culture Divas today for my regular post!

Meaning – my trip to Nationals!

This weekend I packed, unpacked, repacked and packed some more. I think I must have changed my mind a dozen times on what to take. I also did some light shopping. I got the cutest dress for $22. I got some capri pants, a peasant shirt and some other things on sale. And yes, we’ve started shopping for school clothes too. Hard to believe it starts in less than a month!

I also packed four pairs of shoes and I’m not sure if that’s enough. 😀

I cleaned house and got everything ready for me to be gone for the next five days. Man has instructions to please feed the cat and water the plants. Hopefully the cat won’t be too disgruntled with me by the time I get back. I’ve been brushing him daily to cut down on all the hair all over the place. It’s working.

And I bent back my fingernail…like all the way past the quick. It bled. Why I did this I have no idea but it hurts to type so I’m going to sign off here. I’ll check in tomorrow. Plane leaves at noon. WHEE!

By Michelle

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