It’s June?

Quote of the Day:
Time and money spent in helping men do more for themselves is far better than mere giving.
– Henry Ford

Yesterday was a good day. I had dinner with a good friend of mine who is leaving for Germany in two weeks. We went to Johnny Carino’s and I had this wonderful sirloin with gorgonzola sauce on it, roasted potatoes and veggies. A glass if nice Chianti. Oh my stars. It was wonderful. And the company was pretty smashing too.

I got home to find a parcel from my good friend in Canada. She sent me the COOLEST shirt ever. I love it! I wore it immediately. 😎

I was actually feeling rather creative, so after making a few key chains with TDTM, I sat down and started to write. I worked on NGD. Now it wasn’t completely raw writing, but I did make some edits and finish tweaking up chapters 3-5. Very happy about that progress. Imagine – I made progress!

Some friends in a writing group I’m in are putting together an anthology, so I’m searching for a couple of stories to send in. I have two in mind. Both are stories with fantasy elements. I need to get those in ASAP.

I should have some artwork for Eorwulf soon. I got the form officially yesterday. And OH I just realized it’s the first of the month which means I need to get my newsletter out! I have lots of announcements to make regarding R&F and TDTM and now my new little short story that will be out soon.

I’ll be blogging at the Inara Press blog on Friday, June 9, so mark your calendars!

My gaw – I can’t believe it’s June already! :gaw:

Okay, ya’ll. Get back to work. (And me too, right?)


By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.