It’s Monday already?

Quote of the Day:
When I’ve got shoes with wings on, the town is full of rhythm and the world’s in rhyme, and living has no strings on.
–“Shoes with Wings On”

What a busy weekend. I’m exhausted. Saturday morning, the Sweetie Boy and I ran errands around town. Then it was off to the movies to see Ice Age 2, which he seemed to enjoy but it wasn’t al that great for me. Then it was off to Starbucks for a treat and to my friend’s house to show her my new car.

After visiting for a few minutes, it was back home to cook dinner where I managed to burn my fingers and slice open the tip of my pinky. Hooray. The baby watched Chicken Little while I cleaned up and afterward since I knew he was tired, I put him in the tub and let him play for a bit. Then it was an early bedtime for him while I fell asleep reading.

Sunday started early. I felt a little tap on my back and rolled over to see a little boy bright eyed and ready to get up. It was barely 7 am. ARGH! So we got up, had breakfast, then I got us both ready and it was off to brother’s house. We spent the day there, had a very filling meal, let the kids run themselves ragged and then had an Easter egg hunter. Sweetie Boy got a haul too and I sent all the candy home with him to his dad. :hehe:

Last night I stayed up late and got all the contest entries back to the non-finalists. Now I’m just waiting for the comment sheets to come back. But it’s nice to know the contest is DONE. WOOHOO!

I’m tired this morning. I have a jam packed week. There might even be a little overtime involved.

And I’m enjoying the hell out of my little car. It gets fantastic gas mileage. I filled up last night – it was only $35. So not only am I saving $400 a month in car payments, BUT I cut my gas bill in half. It’s a beautiful thing.

Time for work. Happy Monday, ya’ll.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.