It’s My Pah-tay

Meh. Happy birthday to me.

I can’t say I’m excited about my birthday this year. Mostly because, well, getting older sucks. Though I do admit I don’t mind being in my 30s (upper 30s for those of you keeping score at home). It’s way better than being in my 20s, which really sucked (okay 25 was a good year but 35 was better).

So anyway, it’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to. Today the Man is taking me to lunch and dinner (I’m spoiled, what can I say?). He never fails in the gift department either so I’m sure I’ll be getting something awesome. He keeps trying to tell me or goad me into WANTING to know but I’m strong. 😉 Actually, I really don’t care what I get for my birthday as long as I have my favorite people with me for the day (Kid and Man).

I’ve noticed I’ve been having some serious motivational issues lately. I think partly because I need a change. I’ve been trying to think of things I can change without causing bankruptcy *grin* and so far I haven’t come up with anything. At least, nothing that I can implement in the next, oh, two days. 😛

But then again, I go through this every year. This antsy feeling that life is getting away from me and if I don’t hurry up I’ll miss out on something.

Oh, incidentally, I heard through the grapevine a writer got an agent (not really news but…) her book is about a gladiator. It makes me want to weep with frustration. Mostly because everyone knows gladiators are my thing. :mrgreen:

By Michelle

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