It’s official

I’m a soccer mom. Sweetie Boy is all signed up for soccer!

We also made a run to Target to get khaki shorts for his performance on Friday night. Turns out, he had some in the bottom of the hamper. Oh well. And he suckered me into a new Ben 10 toy (check out Cartoon Network to find out what it is if you’re interested). He thinks it’s totally cool.

We had a nice evening after we got home. I didn’t even turn on the TV or the desktop computer (I’m writing this from the laptop). Instead, we hung out together and had some play time. At one pointe he told me, “You crack me up, Mom.” HAHA

Anyway. Now I’ve got to hit Academy and get his soccer gear. He needs shin guards, cleats, a soccer ball… My gaw it’s going to be so cute. I can’t wait.

Got my Lowe’s bill in the mail today. They must have gone insane because they raised my limit another $1500 for being a “great” customer. Hello. Of course, I’m thinking now since they did that I can get the rest of the paint for the interior of the house…

It never ends. 🙂

Exhausted. This week has worn me out but it’s been so good for the baby. I’m so happy he’s enjoying MusiCamp AND he made a new friend. He said he and Grayson hang out together. And he’s picked up a new phrase: Oh, snap. haha And learned to play Rock Paper Scissors.

I’m going to be positively beside myself for the next two weeks. I guess I’m just going to have to suck it up and get over it. In the meantime, I’ll be working on MAGIC and I’ll have more edits on BREAK and possibly NICE GIRLS DO will be ready to go for edits.

I love deadlines. I know that sounds sick, but I totally do.

I can’t believe tomorro is Friday. This week has FLOWN.

And I’m ready to crash.

By Michelle

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